Arcata Contact Improvisation Trust

Hosting Jams and Classes in Arcata since December 2017

Arcata Contact Improv

Class + Jam

Every Wednesday ~ 7:30 - 9:30 PM

Arcata Presbyterian Church

670 11th Street Arcata, California

Upstairs Gym | Todd Room Door

Free | Donation Supported

Guaranteed current info through 10/31/2019

Weekly CI returns to Synapsis Eureka


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Arcata Presbyterian Church
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Todd Room Door

To find the space: Enter through the Todd Room Door. This is the second door furthest uphill on the West side of the church (G street). Upon entering immediately on the left is another door leading to a flight of stairs. Go up the stairs and the gym will be on your left.

Starting in 2019 we began playing with Contact Improvisation class followed by open jamming. Classes do not happen every week. If you want to ensure there will be a class please reach out ahead of time.

CI classes are a great way to facilitate coherence and communication in dancing. Many community members requested classes. Classes tend to focus on basic CI skills and prescribed pathways (counter balance, sensing, simultaneous leading and following, moving into and out of the floor, floor rolling, lifts, creating the possibility of release, and more). Sometimes we will also get into improvisation strategies, ways of using the dance for various forms of investigation, and performance making.

If you are interested in teaching a class or playing live music please reach out. For now most classes will be taught by Jeffrey Balinsky and most jams have no music

Please contact Jeffrey with any questions:

The Arcata Contact Improvisation Trust is a simple organization. We organize free Jams and take donations. All donations go back into the trust and pay the rent for more free Jams. Our aim is to help foster a vibrant dance community in Arcata, Humboldt County, and beyond.